Dental Tec understands dentist's needs. Occasionally, even when the most experienced dentists and technicians work together problems can occur. Patient satisfaction is paramount. With this in mind we offer both you and your patient a 100% guarantee if your needs are not fully met.

Any remakes required due to defects in the manufacturing process will be carried out at no extra charge.

We take great pride in the degree of quality control employed at all levels, meeting very stringent ISO standards which require adherence to strict guidelines. These are confirmed by regular on-site visits, and the reliance only on CE approved materials.

Furthermore, we comply to EC (European), FDA (US), TGA (Australia) and GDC (UK) standards. Our ISO accreditation ISO 9001and ISO 13485 are rare amongst dental labs worldwide and reflects our quality control systems which are in place. As dedicated specialists ourselves, We would never wish to be associated with anything other than the highest level of quality and workmanship.

ISO 13485 certification
For quality management systems, the international standard ISO 13485 is an independent standard and was designed for companies in the medical and dental devices sector.

This international standard defines requirements of quality assurance systems for the design/development, production, customer service and assembly of medical and dental devices. It covers all GMP principles (GMP = Good Manufacturing Practice) that apply for the manufacturing of medical and dental devices. In addition to the ISO 9001 requirements, a series of additional criteria must be fulfilled for ISO 13485.


Porcelain Powders
Vita VMK95, Germany (Classic & 3D Master)
Ceramco III, Dentsply, USA
Duceram Kiss, Degudent, Germany
Cercon Kiss, Degudent, Germany (Zirconium veneering porcelain for Cercon)
Vita Dur & Vita VM7 (Alumina veneering porcelain for In-ceram and Procera)

Type of alloy
Brand / Company / Country of manufacture
Precious/High Noble yellow Ney Image2, Dentsply, USA 84.5% 6.9% 5.0% 1.0%

Bio PontoStar XL, Bego, Germany 86.0% 11.5%

Zn, Fe, Rh, In

Bioclus4, Degudent, Germany 85.8% 11.0%

Zn, Rh, In, Ta
Semi-precious/Noble white Deva, Degudent, Germany 51.1%
In, Ir, Ga

Herabond, Heraeus, Germany 51.5%
26.6% 18.0% Cu, Sn, In, Ir, Ru
Full cast gold Degulor M, Degudent, Germany 70.0% 4.4% 2.0% 13.5% Zn, Ir, Cu

Stabilor G, Degudent, Germany 58.0% 0.1% 5.5% 23.3% Zn, Ir, Cu
Palladium base Degupal G, Degudent, Germany 4.5%
77.3% 7.2% Sn, Ru, Ga, Ge
Non-precious Discovery, World Alloys, USA Cr 31.5%, Co 59.5%, Mo, Si, Mn (Ni-free, Be-free)

All Ceramic
In-ceram, Vita, Germany (fabrication system)
IPS e.max, Ivoclar Vivadent, Liechtenstein (press system)
IPS Empress Esthetic, Ivoclar Vivadent, Liechtenstein (press system)
Finesse Press, Dentsply, USA (press system)

Composite Resin : Solidex, Shofu, Japan
Partial frame : Heraenium CE, Heraeus, Germany
Implant system : Straumann

Nobel Biocare


Others upon request
Attachment : Bredent


Others upon request

All materials we use are CE-certified